Message from the President

Seeking to Earn Greater Trust and Serve More Needs around the World

Message from the President
Yoshinori Kanehana, President

As a result of rapid industrial development and population growth, emerging economies are facing the risk of environmental degradation. Meanwhile, developed countries are struggling to deal with diminishing workforces due to aging populations. Such social issues characterize the world we live in today. The Kawasaki Group seeks to help address these global issues through its business.
In 2007, the Kawasaki Group established the Kawasaki Group Mission Statement. This clearly states the Group’s social mission for the 21st century, shared values to increase Kawasaki’s brand value, core principles to guide business activities, and actions expected of each employee. The statement summarizes the Group Mission as: “Kawasaki, working as one for the good of the planet.” The Group also created the tag line

── Powering your potential ── in 2013 as a corporate slogan that succinctly conveys the Group’s brand image.
The history of the Kawasaki Group dates back to 1878 when Shozo Kawasaki established a shipyard for the development and prosperity of the nation and society. For over 130 years since then, the Kawasaki Group has continued to expand into new businesses, acquiring advanced technologies and manufacturing skills along the way. By leveraging these technologies and skills to quickly deliver the products and services needed by people around the world, and by empowering customers and society to maximize their potential, we will ultimately fulfill our mission.
Going forward, the Kawasaki Group will continue to expand its operations around the world, while meeting compliance requirements, fulfilling its corporate social responsibilities, and tackling the issues faced by society. Through these efforts, we will increase our corporate value.

I ask for the continued support of our customers and partners as the Kawasaki Group works to earn greater trust and serve more needs around the world.

Yoshinori Kanehana President