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          カワる、サキへ。Changing forward

          In the 120 years since our establishment, Kawasaki has supported the lifestyle of people around the world in many visible ways and invisible ways.

          However, the world is also now changing at a previously unprecedented speed. We wish to remain as an innovative creator, always changing, seeing one step ahead and transforming fast enough to keep up.

          Changing forward.

          We put into words our idea to consistently change and accept any challenges and our commitment to society as it changes as we proceed to step forward.

          With this ideal at heart Kawasaki will continue to lead this changing world.



          Life in an emergency

          A helicopter soars into the air. Doctors rush to the site requiring emergency medical care and stay with the people in urgent need of help.

          Providing air ambulances to safely transport doctors in the shortest time, Kawasaki will contribute to society to ensure secure lives.

          Changing forward.

          Multipurpose Helicopter BK117
          The BK117 is the first domestically produced helicopter developed by Kawasaki jointly with MBB in Europe (currently Airbus).
          The BK117 plays an active role as a helicopter for emergency medical services, firefighting, disaster relief, and journalism. The aircraft offers excellent versatility that has resulted in many deliveries to local governments and other organizations.


          Electricity in our lives

          At night, forgetting the time, a young boy eagerly reads from a book.

          The light he reads by is generated by the gas turbines and gas engines responsible for supplying the region in which he lives with power.

          By expanding our products and services into regions with an unstable supply of power, Kawasaki will contribute to the good of the planet.

          Changing Forward.

          Gas Turbine L30A
          Gas turbines are power generators characterized by being eco-friendly and offering excellent combustion efficiency. The L30A is Kawasaki’s largest, state-of-the-art gas turbine. It is often used in a cogeneration system to generate both power and heat.
          Gas Engine KG-18-V
          Gas engines are power generators characterized by high operational stability, excellent generation efficiency and low emissions to benefit the environment. The KG-18-V has achieved the world’s best electrical efficiency of 49%, as well as NOx emissions of less than 200ppm (O2=0% conversion), and has been especially well received by medium and small scale power producers.


          Medicines in a human life and health

          A baby stares up with an innocent, naive gaze.

          The health and growth of the infant is supported by robots that work to create medicines.

          Kawasaki has introduced robots into medical and pharmaceutical field, reaching out a reliable hand for the others and in the process contributing for the good of the planet.

          Changing forward.

          MS005N Medical and Pharmaceutical Robot
          The medical and pharmaceutical robot MS005N is active in the creation of pharmaceuticals. With 7-axis drive, precisely accurate movements and an all-stainless steel construction to maintain thorough sterilization, it is both a piece of industrial machinery and as beautiful as a work of art.
          ScopeKawasaki Heavy Industries Quarterly Newsletter
          As Kawasaki Group’s English-language quarterly newsletter, Scope showcases our diverse product groups in action on the land, on the sea, and in the air, and introduces our new, cutting edge products and technologies.